The Musicians

Paul Llew-Williams – Guitar

Paul is Batman!*

The Adam West one, not the moody Val Kilmer or stupid Ben Affleck. He can solo his way out of any tight Jam with a POW or KABOOM. Paul plays with the borrowed fingers of a champion finger wrestler who can type 1000 words a minute. Mild mannered but still attracting the attention of every Cat Woman and guitar slinger in the room.

*note – Paul submitted a really boring bio so Greg and Jerry edited it for him.

Jerry Quintyne – Saxophones

Jerry plays many horns, and wears many hats!

Jerry’s sound is the soundtrack of atoms colliding, splitting, falling in love, and fighting for their honour (think Mel Gibson in Braveheart). Channeling Sonny Rollins he often practices on a board between two blocks stretching over a puddle. He navigates Ballads to Burners as if a single super hero in both the Marvel and DC worlds. Coltrane meets Jonathan Steed.

Chris Udell – Bass

Chris walks softly but carries a big bass!*

He plays time like a Swiss Watch and solos ala Jackson Pollock (I intend this metaphor to mean original, complex and layered, not splatery and all over the place). Chris knows everyone’s secrets, harmonic and otherwise, and guards them with his life. Unless you forget the changes.

* note – Chris never really submitted a bio so Greg and Jerry thought they should write one

Greg Allworth – Drums

Greg Allworth hits things!

By things, I mean wood cylinders with artificial calfskin stretched over them and large round metal plates that have previously been hit a zillion times by a Turkish craftsman’s hammer.

Greg reviews his own playing as part Kenny Clarke’s spang-a-lang , part Wiley Coyote, all happy face emoji!